Video: HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 7, but not by Microsoft or HTC's doing

The second Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 last month, the same question began pouring in en masse: “Will this run on my current Windows Mobile 6.5 device?” Microsoft was quick to crush everyone’s hopes , saying that no WinMo 6.5 devices were up to snuff. “But what about the HD2? That things like brand new and crazy powerful! Surely it must be upgradeable!”, said the masses. “Nope!” responded Microsoft. Then some pundit insisted the HD2 would be upgradeable (his insiders said!), then Microsoft denied it again, rinse/repeat/etc.

While everyone else has been asking a bunch of silly questions over and over, it seems that a group of hackers have managed to get the job done. Unless this is a seriously well-executed series of fakes, you’re looking at an early, early build of Windows Phone 7 on the HD2.

Is it perfect? No. But for a freshly started project on a brand new, beta OS running on unauthorized hardware, I’d say its a damn good start. I can’t even begin to fathom how this was possible without some serious leakage out of HTC or Microsoft — but you know what? I’m not asking questions. Check out the videos below for some pretty convincing evidence that this is all legit.

[HTCPedia Via Redmond Pie]