Gruber hints at possible next-gen iPhone specs.. sort of.

In a post tinged with just a hint of spite, Apple pundit John Gruber has responded to today’s WSJ report of a forthcoming pair of new iPhones, one of which they say is headed for Verizon. His reaction? “Lame.”

The reason it’s lame, says Gruber, is that it lacks details. Details which Gruber has. Maybe.

Gruber lists a handful of specs, but does so in such a way that it’s not at all clear if he’s claiming the specs are the real deal or just the type of specs that would be expected from a real, non-“lame” scoop:

And they have no actual details of the next-generation iPhone. Nothing. Not the A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip. Not the 960 × 640 double-resolution display. Not the second front-facing camera. Not even the third-party multitasking in iPhone OS 4. All they have is that there’s going to be a new iPhone this summer, period.

There’s certainly nothing too crazy there. A4 CPU? Sure — Apple probably didn’t build that thing solely for the iPad. A 960×640 display (with a resolution double quadruple that of the iPhone’s current 480×320 display) would allow all apps to perfectly fill the screen in a 2x drawing mode, ensuring compatibility and eliminating a major fragmentation issue. A front-facing camera has been rumored since before even the first generation iPhone, and I’m pretty sure The New Kids On The Block were still huge when the multi-tasking rumor came around. Still, he never outright claims that these are indeed specs that have been leaked to him.

He certainly implies it, though. In a response to a tweet saying “I love how @gruber “casually” slips all the iPhone inside info he has into a post criticizing the WSJ,” Gruber responds simply:

“Not all.”

Tricky, Gruber. Very tricky.