A Recap Of The Daniel Ek SXSW Spotify Keynote — In Rap Form

Whenever there’s a big event, like SXSW, we usually have people there to live-blog the important keynotes and/or write recaps of it afterwards. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes those are boring. You know what’s better? Rap songs that recap keynotes.

Hip-hop artist SaulPaul has released a video on YouTube which recaps the keynote Spotify CEO Daniel Ek gave at SXSW this year (here’s our more traditional write-ups of it). It’s awesome. I want all my conference recaps this way. Me and Jason Kincaid are going to have to learn how to freestyle for sure — or get SaulPaul to do these for us.

Hands down, the best line:

“First I guess they gotta make it to America. Right now, there’s still a few barriers.”