CTIA banners begin to unfurl; Samsung finally learns to keep the cat in the bag

Oh, Samsung. For as long as I can remember, your banners have flown on the outer walls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CTIA. And for as long as I can remember, your banners have given away mammoth chunks of what you were announcing at the show, days before said announcement actually happened.

Not this year.

Though there’s still a day left before the lights go on at CTIA, the banners have just begun to go up all around. We’ve spotted three Samsung banners so far, all of which say the same thing: What’s S Life?.

We’re wondering the same thing, to be honest. We got an invite to Samsung’s S Life press conference, but all it has to say is a bunch of gibberish: “Enrichment through technology, simplicity through innovation, ‘S Life’ is as much a feeling as it is an incredible achievement”. We’ll know more by tomorrow at 11:30 AM, when Samsung’s S Life press conference goes down.

So, it looks like Samsung has managed to keep their secrets secret. You know who didn’t do quite as well? Motorola.

Right across the street from the Convention Hall was this gem, confirming that Motorola will be using CTIA to launch their first Push-to-talk smartphone, the Android-powered i1. Oh well; at least the poster’s got a good tagline!

Check back in throughout the week for our CTIA 2010 coverage.