Predators Trailer: "This planet is a game, sir"

What is it with these Predators? Don’t they have anything else to do besides hunting and killing human beings? Don’t they have some kind of Predator opera to go to or Predator literature to create? Anyway, this is the trailer for Predators that we’ve been waiting for and it looks pretty cornhole. You know it’s going to be a rough movie when 90% of the trailer dialogue is screaming.

Why did Robert Rodriguez decide to make the movie? Kotaku blames money.

“In one of my kids movies, one of the kids was playing a video game,” Rodriguez recalled at a panel discussion this month. Rodriguez asked the kid what he was playing. “He [the kid] goes, ‘AvP. Respect the classics, man.’ …That’s not the classics, I gotta school this punk right now. Okay, I’m doing the Predator movie.”

Classics, huh?