Verizon to launch the HTC Incredible within 2 weeks?

Oh, HTC Incredible, you just can’t stay off the Internet, can you? We’ve seen you in not one, but two series of spy shots, we’ve seen you leak out in alternative color schemes — hell, we’ve even spotted you roaming around Verizon’s inventory system. We sure are seeing a lot of you — and you know what? We don’t mind one bit.

According to the latest leak, we should be seeing a lot more of the HTC Incredible — as in, in the hands of the general public — within two weeks.

The word comes from DailyTech, who mentions nearly in passing that they’ve “confirmed that the HTC Incredible was supposed to begin to arrive at Verizon Wireless stores in two weeks”. It’s a fitting time, really; CTIA is just next week, so this could be Verizon going all-in on the blind to counter whatever the other carriers might have cooking up.

To recap, the Incredible is allegedly packing a 1 Ghz Snapdragon chip (clocked down to 768Mhz for the sake of battery life), an 8 megapixel , and 512 MB of RAM. HTC’s getting a bit experimental with this one, moving away from their generally flat and smooth surfaces to a hard-lined, blocky design on the battery cover. What say you, lovely reader?