T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT available now for $129.99

It’s been a crazy ride on the rumor rollercoaster for the Android-powered Motorola Cliq XT. What started out as a mysterious spotting finally became official at Mobile World Congress in February. Then came a series of leaks, each half right: one got the date right, while the other nailed the price.

Well, the ride is over. The Cliq XT is now available in T-Mobile retail spots for a 2-year contract price of $129.99. It’s got a nice little 5 megapixel camera tucked on the back there, but here’s the bad news: it’s still running Android 1.5. It’s sure to get a bumpgrade to a more recent build of Android before too long, but don’t expect to be riding the cutting edge here.

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