3DCoche, augmented reality car location reminder – why not?

If you’re anything like me, you consistently forget where and when you parked your car. I’ve called tow companies more than once to see if they took my car, when in fact I was simply one street off in my memory. I could probably use this little app we just got in our tip box, called 3DCoche or Car Finder AR, depending on whether you speak Spanish or not. It’s simple enough: you save your car’s position when you park, and it also notes the time — then you can pull up the camera view and see your car’s location superimposed on the image. I’m not sure how it handles elevation, and of course it won’t work in underground car parks, but if like me you’ve gotten tickets from having no presence of mind, it might be a good investment.

The free version is fully featured except that it won’t work more than 200 meters from your car. I like that – it’s a cool boot to put on your location-based app, a distance limitation. Full version costs €1.69, or about $2.30.