Sweet merciful Jehosaphat! Microsoft stole the WinPho UI from KLM!

Super sleuths at MS Mobiles (Motto: “Our small phone-shaped favicon is so outdated it’s popular again”) is accusing Microsoft of wholesale theft and battery in their new WinPho UI. KLM’s inflight whatsitcalled looks just like Microsoft’s whatsitcalled and the big blue buttons appear on KLMs entertainment whatchamacallit when you fly on their big, beautiful planes. Is it borrowing or is it theft?

Considering that Microsoft probably has the cash to buy KLM right now, I’m not too worried that this will go to lawsuit. But come on, guys. You can’t create something novel?

The Softs of Micro note that their new UI was inspired by “airports.” MSI Mobile suggests that they were really thinking of one particular airline.