Android 2.1 to hit the Motorola Droid starting Thursday

When it rains, its pours. We just found out yesterday that Android 2.1 hitting the Moto Droid sometime in March was a pretty sure thing, and now we’ve got an exact date.

A handful of different screencaps like the one you see above just hit a bunch of Android fan blogs (We spotted these ones on Droid-Life and Android Central), implying one thing: this memo either just got pushed out to the Verizon retail outlets, or some fakester out there is putting waaaay too much effort into this. We’re guessing its the first one.

According to the memo, the first batch of Android 2.1 handsets will roll out beginning this Thursday. Given that it’s being rolled out gradually, don’t freak out if your friend’s Droid gets updated and yours doesn’t – it might take a day or two. Don’t worry, though; if Android 2.1 is half as slick on the Droid as it is on the Nexus One, the wait will be worth it.