Nexus One with AT&T (and Rogers!) 3G now on sale

A new challenger has appeared! The Nexus One may not have sold all that well, but it’s still the beastiest Android handset available on US carriers. Speaking of US carriers, add one more to the Nexus One’s supported list.

Since day 1, the T-Mobile version of the Nexus One has worked with AT&T — as long as you didn’t mind that it couldn’t hop on AT&T’s 3G network. Today, with fanfare limited to a post on Google’s Nexus One blog, Google has released a version of the handset jam-packed with AT&T 3G-friendly radio.

This was a bit out of the blue for everyone – we expected to see it eventually after the AT&T’d-out Nexus One cleared the FCC, but then Google made no mention of it whilst heralding that the Verizon Nexus One was “Coming Soon!”. It may be a surprise, but it’s a very much welcome surprise.

Alas, the handset is only being sold unlocked, sans contract. There’s currently no way to get it subsidized with an AT&T discount, implying that AT&T wasn’t interested in offering the phone officially. I wonder why.

[Thanks Martin]