Stupeflix launches its Play feature, easily turn website content into a dynamic video

[France] French startup Stupeflix, the XML-based online video platform, launches its new Stupeflix Play feature today which turns content from a website into a dynamic, broadcast quality video with just “a couple lines of code.”

The company’s aim is to considerably lower the barriers for site owners – from ecommerce to publishers – to add video to their offerings in order to increase stickiness and advertising opportunities.

The way Stupeflix Play works is as follows: First you insert some javascript into a site, then select the bits you want turned into a video and voila, a video appears of your content. The result is that the full static content of a website is transformed into an always up-to-date, video with zero development and integration costs, says the company.

The Stupeflix Play has been in private beta for 3 months in which its been applied by ecommerce sites for automated product videos, online directories, classifieds (video listings) and travel websites for hotel and destination video presentations.

The company’s platform as a whole is already in use by a number of companies via an API including online video site DailyMotion who are using Stupeflix to power its “Slideshow” application, and Procter and Gamble, which trialed an advertising campaign using Stupeflix where consumers create videos carrying the Blend-A-Med brand’s message using their personal pictures.

Stupeflix which is based in Paris, San Francisco and Berlin won the SeedCamp 2008 startup competition and was a finalist in the 2009 TechCrunch Europe Award.