Verizon Nexus One to rock HTC's Sense UI?

Well, well, well — lookie here. See that screenshot up above? That’s allegedly a screen shot of the Verizon Nexus One spec sheet, right off of Verizon’s Intranet Equipment Guide. Now, look a bit closer. About 10 bullet points down. See it? “Sense UI (User Interface)”.

For those not keeping track, Sense is HTC’s user interface mod for Android. It started off primarily as a much-needed visual overhaul, then came to include features like Flash in the browser. It’s a pretty great addition to Android – and it’s one thing that the currently available T-Mobile Nexus One is lacking.

Before getting too excited: I’d take this with the grainiest grain of salt you’ve got handy. Even if this screenshot is real (which we don’t have reason to doubt, so far), it’s quite possible that it slipped in there unintentionally. The Nexus One is very much a Google-brand phone (albeit one made by HTC), and HTC has told us all along that it won’t ever get Sense through official means.

But hey, things change, right? Perhaps Google and HTC have just gotten a bit friendlier about the rules since Apple went on the offensive against them.

Also worth noting: according to the image, the Nexus One will only be available through Google’s online store, rather than Verizon retail spots.

[Good find, Android Central!]