57% of workers use their smartphones in the bathroom. Also, 57% of workers are nasty.

Are you mysophobic? Oh, you don’t know what “mysophobic” is? It’s a fancy way of saying “germaphobe”, which, according to scientists or linguists or some other group of academics, isn’t actually a word. Go figure.

Now, I ask again: Are you mysophobic? No? Well, you might be after reading this. Because it’s naaasty.

CareerBuilders did a survey of 5,200 mobile workers (that is, people who primarily work on the road), and found that their cell phone habits are generally dangerous, a bit rude, and pretty friggin’ gross.

Some of the more notable stats revealed:

  • 62% check their phones while eating – Eh, whatever. I get bored while I’m eating, too.
  • 60% check while on vacation – Again, whatever. I love sand and sun as much as the next guy, but I need my daily dose of Vitamin SocialNetworking.
  • 50% check in bed – Headaches happen.
  • 57% check in the bathroom – You see, this is just friggin’ gross. Do I do it? Sure! But I don’t like to think that other people do.
  • 50% check while driving – Inexcusable. To those of you thinking you have a special technique that lets you text while driving or that you’re a good enough driver to do this, you’re not. Everyone else thinks they’re wonderful drivers too, until they smash into a pole because they just HAD to forward that MMS of the baby chick riding the cat.

You can check out a few more stats over at InformationWeek. In the mean time: What’s the weirdest, nastiest, or most ridiculous place you’ve ever messed with your phone? Let us know in the comments below. We won’t tell anyone.