Never Ending Goldrush: Doodle Jump for iPhone Smashes Through 3 Million Sales

Doodle Jump for the iPhone is something like a developer’s fairy tale: two brothers set out to make a game using only the talents they’ve got at hand, and end up striking gold. They keep pushing out minor updates, and the game just keeps selling.

Tomorrow morning, Lima Sky will be announcing that Doodle Jump has just surpassed 3 million sales — a feat, they claim, is a first for any Indie development house. If it seems like we were just writing about Doodle Jump surpassing the 1 million download mark, it’s because we were; that last landmark only just came in mid-December of last year. Less than 3 months later, Lima Sky has managed to triple an already impressive haul.

At 99 cents a pop, this game has pulled in at least $2.97 million in revenue since it launched in March of 2009. Given that Apple takes 30% of all sales revenue, that works out to about $891,000 for the folks in Cupertino, and $2.08 million for the two brothers behind Lima Sky. A million bucks per year (per person) from a single iPhone game? Not too bad, guys.