Review: Bubble Talk

At the Toy Fair this year I picked up a game from TechnoSource called Bubble Talk. I rarely write about many board games mostly because I always equate them with a story my buddy Lou told us about his ex-girlfriend. Regardless, a good boardgame like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne are always fun to play of an evening.

So what is Bubble Talk? Well, it’s sort of like the first LOLCat game in the whole universe. Each player (minimum of three players) takes a set of cards containing funny captions (“This is going to leave a mark,” “I need your W-2s and 1099s if you have them,” etc.). You draw a picture card – usually stock photos of animals and people in potentially funny situations – and one person acts as a judge. The rest of the players slap down the caption cards, trying to pick the funniest caption or bubble. The judge chooses one and the winner collects the photo. The one with five photos wins.

It sounds kind of dumb but if you have enough people – and the right kind of sense of humor – it’s great. We made a drinking game of it last weekend (we mostly just drank and played) and had a blast.

The game will be available in a few months from TechnoSource and is really worth picking up. It’s a great party game (provided the party is fairly small) and, as dopey as it sounds, it’s actually quite fun.

Photo grabbed from BoardGameGeek