AT&T launches 2 new 3G dongles – One with GPS, both with 7.2mbps HSPA

Good news, road warriors! AT&T has just churned out a pair of brand spankin’ new 7.2 megabit per second 3G dongles, just for you.

The first one up is the LG Turbo, a fairly standard fare; its got the aforementioned 7.2 HSPA, a microUSB slot for adding a bit of extra purpose to it. It’ll set you back $99 bucks on a 2 year data contract, but you’ll get $99 bucks back after mail-in rebate.

The second offering, the Option Velocity, has a bit of extra fun in its pockets: GPS. Do you need a GPS chip packed into your 3G dongle? Probably not. But you can get it! It’s a pretty cool option for road-trippers who want a really precise idea of where they are at any given time, plus a way for folks out there running carputers in their dash to slim things down a bit. The Velocity will cost $129.99 out the door, but a mail-in rebate knocks the long term price down to $29.99.

Both units should hit the AT&T retail stores on March 7th.