Layar back to augmenting your reality on the iPhone after 3-month hiatus

Augmented reality app Layar hit the App Store in October 2009, only to be withdrawn by the eponymous Dutch developer of the program a month later due to repeated crashes reported by users.

It’s been quiet since, but an update for the app just popped up on my iPhone (iTunes link), with the concise and crystal clear description:

“We’re back!”

The company claims that its Reality Browser app now features an entirely re-engineered engine, rendering the app more stable, lightweight and faster. In addition, language support has been broadened to include French, German, Dutch and Italian (with promises of more languages coming soon). The app also appears to sport a new logo.

The startup, which recently secured $3.4 million in financing as well as a global distribution agreement with an unnamed handset manufacturer, just sent out an e-mail to its users saying that the app is available on the App Store again. In it, the company claims there are now over 400 ‘layars’ users can view through the camera browser.