TomTom's iPhone app to get real-time traffic alerts and Google local search

TomTom is serious about its iPhone navigation app and the upcoming update brings it one step closer to the feature set found on high-end dedicated GPS units. Version 1.3 is currently held up by App Store reviewers, but when they get done pawing through the code, it will enable real time traffic reports along with a Google-powered local search tool.

The addition of the new services pretty much replicates the services found in TomTom’s GO Live models. Now users can get traffic reports along with local searches within the app, while dedicated iPhone apps can already get local fuel prices and weather. The dedicated GPS units still offer a bit more navigation goodies, along with larger screens, but the iPhone is nipping at their heels with the latest update.

TomTom App for iPhone Update to Include Real-Time Services and Other Enhanced Features

~ TomTom Traffic and Local Search Powered by Google

among New Features Coming Soon ~

Concord, MA – March 2, 2010 – A number of new services and features are coming soon to the TomTom app for iPhone, including TomTom Traffic for real-time traffic speed and incident reports, and Local Search powered by Google. The latest update to the TomTom app for iPhone (version 1.3), which has been submitted to Apple for review, will offer these and other soon-to-be-announced enhancements to ensure an optimal, and even more intuitive, navigation experience.

“TomTom is fully committed to offering TomTom app users the services and features they demand most,” said Tom Murray, vice president of market development for TomTom Inc. “The latest update to the TomTom app for iPhone will offer our highly sought-after real-time traffic service option, enhanced point-of-interest search capabilities and a wide range of other features.”

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