Pricing details for the T-Mobile HTC HD2, and Motorola CLIQ XT leaked

Why hello there, Mr. Inventory Screen! How kind of you to pop by and spill all the pricing details on the T-mobile HTC HD2 and Motorola CLIQ XT. Wait – the HTC HD2 will be how cheap?

TmoNews just got their mitts all over this screen grab, which clearly shows the pricing details for the slightly underwhelming (but still Android powered!) Motorola Cliq XT along with the awesomely overwhelming (but still Windows Mobile 6.5 powered [frownie face here]!) HTC HD2.

The HD2 appears to be coming in at just $199 on contract ($449 off contract), which is a damned awesome price for a phone packing a mammoth 4.3″ display, a 1 Ghz processor, and a 5 megapixel camera. I mean, compare that to last years T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 – that was a far lesser phone (albeit one with a great slide out keyboard, which the HD2 lacks), and it went for $349 — on contract!

The CLIQ XT will be going for $129.99, bringing it in at $20 less than the original CLIQ (which, while an older model, has a keyboard). The same tipster also spilled the pricing beans on the Nokia Nuron, essentially a US Version of the Nokia 5230, which should launch on March 17th for $69.99 or $179.99, depending on if you sign a contract.