Build (or just buy) your own flying hovercraft

Fancy having your own hovercraft? Want one that’ll take off and fly? Well a New Zealand man designed, built, and flies his very own flying hovercraft. The drawback – you have to launch and land from on the water in order to actually be able to fly.

Now this is a DIY project. The craft was built in the inventors garage from parts taken from other vehicles, including the handlebar from his daughters scooter over a period of ten years. Keep in mind, because the the hovercraft is technically a boat, you won’t even need a pilots license to fly it (at least in New Zealand), but I think I’d still be cautious about using it. There’s nothing in the original video to indicate how much the hovercraft is selling for, but a little research shows that it’s being auctioned off and as of this post, the price is at $26,500. The auction ends on the 13th though, so it could go significantly higher.