Video: Hasty hacker hobbles together a Windows Phone 7 skin for older WinMo phones

Wowza. Consider me impressed. It took Microsoft 3 years to develop Windows Phone 7 Series — but its only taken 2 weeks for some far-too-talented dabbler to recreate the look and feel of the new OS as a skin for older Windows Mobile handsets, relying on nothing but screenshots and demo videos.

Get ready for tons of fake Windows Phone 7 videos and people saying “No! Seriously! I swear my buddy has Windows Phone 7 on his 3 year old WinMo handset!”.

While impressive as heck as a user-made mod, it’s important to clarify that this is just an interface tweak, built on top of Lakeridge Software’s WisBar Advance Desktop — it’s not a port of a Windows Phone 7 ROM or anything of the sort. Think of it like HTC’s TouchFlo interface: it’s fun to look at — but deep down, it’s still Windows Mobile 6.5 (in this case, running on a Toshiba TG01).

The man behind the mod, LeSScro, hasn’t released the mod for public consumption just yet – keep an eye on this thread at XDA Developers for its eventual release.

[Via PocketNow]