Adobe Flash 10.1 holds out for Windows Phone 7, 6.5 devices can haz upgrade to WP7?

Just the other day, hearts were broken all over the world when Microsoft said that current Windows Mobile 6.5 devices won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7. The good news is that might not entirely be true as Microsoft said on Twitter that it’s entirely up to hardware manufacturers. Way to confuse us! Another area where WinMo 6.5 gets no love? Adobe Flash 10.1.

So far, it seems that Adobe is content to have Flash 10.1 sit around for a while for Windows devices until WinPho 7 hits. However, the HTC HD2, which will eventually be upgradeable to WinPho 7, will be getting Flash 10.1. It makes sense since the HD2 is high up on the spec range and part of the reason why most current WinMo 6.5 handsets won’t be getting WinPho 7 is because of hardware incompatibilities.

Late 2010 is looking good for Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Windows Phone 7 will come out in one of three different chassis, LG may beat it to the punch, and now, Flash (love it or hate it) will definitely be coming to WinPho 7.