Fidelity's iPhone App Helps You Manage Your Investments On The Go

Investment giant Fidelity is getting into the mobile game with a new iPhone app. Fidelity’s free app allows you to monitor your portfolio, trades, research investments, and follow daily market news on the go.

With the app, you can track your portfolio and monitor positions, balances, and intraday valuations of accounts. The app also lets you trade stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and options from within the app and lets you check the status of your orders.

In terms of data intelligence, Fidelity’s app provides you with charts that will compare the value of your stocks. And the app streams financial news from various business news sources including MarketWatch, and Reuters. Users can also get real-time quotes and maintain a watch list for particular stocks. Morningstar has an iPhone apps that lets you track investments and Mint’s iPhone app also allows you to monitor your personal finance.