Custom Skullcandy headphones look, sound great

So Skullcandy headphones sound good, that’s pretty much a given. And while the styling is cool and everything, they seem a bit.. generic. Don’t worry though, you can get your awesome cans and be individual too. One crafty DIY person is selling customized Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones – but you better hurry, she/he is only making three pairs.

So take a plain old pair of SK-Pro’s, add some custom artwork, hand sculpted stitches, and military insignia, and you’ll have a pair of cans like only two other people in the whole world. And not only do you get a sweet pair of headphones, but the seller is also including an 8″ Lily Black customized toy to hold them. Buying these custom headphones will set you back $279.99, but what price individuality?