Video: Butterfinger makes fun of iPhone Apps, actually makes us laugh

Its been nearly 2 years since Apple launched the App Store. In that time, would-be comedians around the Internet have successfully extracted just two jokes from it. “Fart apps and tip calculators!” Hah! “There’s an app for that!” Hah hah. Hah. Hah. Little did we know, there was still one untapped source of hilarity involving the app store left: physical humor.

At the end of last year, Butterfinger (as in the Nestle-owned candy) threw a contest challenging people to make a commercial in the vein of their classic “Nobody’s going to lay a finger on my Butterfinger” campaign. Though the contest and its resulting videos went mostly unnoticed by the population of the Internet, the winning commercial, “Butterfinger Phone App”, is just starting to make the rounds on TV.

Ready for a ride on the ROFLcopter? Check out the video below.