Acer Liquid e comes to North America by way of Rogers Wireless

Acer recently announced its growing presence in the Android realm and Rogers was quick to snap up the manufacturer’s latest device – the Liquid e. If you can get past the drug-related name, the handset doesn’t seem to sound so bad on paper.

When the Liquid e hits Rogers, it will be the first Android 2.1 device in Canada assuming the Motorola Milestone doesn’t get the update first. And while Acer doesn’t have the reputation in the mobile handset business like Motorla does, the Liquid e does have a faster Snapdragon processor and holds its own everywhere else, albeit a smaller screen.

Rogers doesn’t have an official release date and no pricing, either. So if you’re holding out for one of these, try to find something to pass the time until things get official.

[via Electronista]