Nintendo successfully sues Aussie etailer for selling DS flash cartridges

It’s getting to be a mighty dangerous place out there for DS pirates. Several months ago, Nintendo decided to sue a few of the big DS hacking companies out there, and although that ended up causing a major boost to those companies’ sales, it looks like the big N is starting to crack down on resellers too.

GadgetGear (no affiliation with yours truly) was selling the R4 flash cartridge, which can be used to backload homebrew apps, games, and of course pirated ROMs onto your device. The key word there being was, since Nintendo has successfully sued the bejeezus out of them, resulting in hundreds of thousands in damages being paid, and of course an agreement not to sell the forbidden product.

Well, it’s all part of the great circle of life in hacking products:

In this case the hardware makers are revising the path the cards take to get to modders’ hands. They can shut down legit operations in a place where there are laws, like Australia, but what about a shady eBay store or e-tailer that works from a location where Nintendo has no jurisdiction?