Opera says Opera Mini for iPhone "100% compliant" with App Store policies (video)

We had a brief chat with Opera Software product analyst Phillip Grønvold here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. We inquired about the company’s plans to submit an Opera Mini application for the iPhone / iPod touch in the near future, and also got a hands-on demo of the app in action. Unfortunately, Grønvold was unwilling to demo the app on video, but take our word for it: the browser really is very, very fast.

Grønvold also declined to provide an ETA for the submission of the app to the App Store, but said it is very close to completion so it shouldn’t take too long.

A lot of people are – justifiably – skeptical about the chances of Opera Mini for iPhone actually making it to the App Store, but we can tell from our conversations with the people from Opera that this isn’t a publicity stunt, and that the company went to great lengths to ensure that they fully comply with Apple’s strict policies.

It’ll be interesting to see when Opera sees the app fit enough to be shown off publicly, and when it will be submitting the app. Once it does, the ball will be in Apple’s court, and a lot of people will be watching over its shoulders.

Do you think you’ll ever be able to download Opera Mini for iPhone from the App Store, or is there no chance in hell?