StuffBuff Social Bidding System Hits Beta And You Can Try It Here

StuffBuff, a TC50 company, has officially launched bringing with it social, embeddable auctions for the masses. What is StuffBuff? It’s basically an auction site with a social bent. Instead of wading into a mess of used sleeping bags and broken Nintendo DSes on eBay (true story!), you head over to StuffBuff and set up an auction. You can then embed the auction into your FaceBuzzBookTwit page. Unlock “entertainment auction” sites like Swoopo, this is a straight up auction service with two little additions.

From the press releases:

• LiveHaggle – This “first of its kind” chat-based auction system was
developed using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, and enables members to
engage in real time chat with sellers and other bidders across any Web
site or blog, while committing to bids in the conversation.
• Blink! – An addictive twist on Dutch-style auctions, this tool asks
users, “How long can you hold out?” Items are presented for sale at a
starting price that drops throughout the course of the auction, the more
auction participants the faster the price falls. The first bidder takes
home the product.

To show you dudes an dudettes how it works, StuffBuff has set up an auction for a PS3 with all proceeds going to Stupid Cancer/I2Y.

It can only be a matter of time before eBay tries their own embeddable auctions so StuffBuff has a short window of interesting opportunity. How could you use it? Well, maybe you could auction off a date with yourself on your blog or Facebook page! Just imagine if all your readers could compete for your undivided attention and, in this amorous month, affection.