Lumigon T1, S1 and E1 packs Android into some gorgeous hardware

Hardware specs and software and application support are probably the biggest things we look at when deciding on a new phone, but sometimes we quickly dismiss design and aesthetics. Now we can have a generous serving of both thanks to Scandanavian manufacturer Lumigon.

These new handsets are part of the growing adoption of Android, which is always a good thing. The very capable operating system looks like it’s on equally capable hardware. Aside from sitting pretty, the T1 and S1 from Lumigon offer a touch screen that slides open to reveal your basic T9 keyboard. They’re running Android 2.1, support 720p video with HDMI out, FM tuner and can double as universal remotes. The T1 will become availble early in the second quarter while the S1 will probably peek its head some time toward the end of that quarter.

Lumigon’s E1 is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle shrouded in mystery. It has yet to strut its stuff for the camera and Lumigon founder Lars Gravesen says, “E1 is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen during my entire 10 year career in mobile business.” Way to tease us, Lars. While I’m going to keep a skeptical eyebrow raised, I’m certainly eager to see what the E1 is all about.

[via Engadget]