Have No Idea How To Do A Sales Proposal? Try Proposable.

For startups, the idea of creating a sales proposal is often a nightmare. While they’re vital to a business, they’re not exactly the easiest things in the world to create and manage. A new service launching today, Proposable, aims to simplify the process, and bring it to the web with some nice features.

Proposable is a web-based app that allows you to create, deliver, and get insight into your sales proposals in minutes (if they’re short enough). It does this with its proposal-building tools and templates that offer a combination of customization and standardization. Perhaps more importantly though, they offer a set of tools to get feedback on the proposals, and look at information about what’s working at what’s not.

For example, one of Proposable’s features allows for recipients to add comments to the side of any proposal. And because this is all online, if a client gives you some feedback on something they’ve liked changed, you can do so on the web and have it updated in realtime. That combined with the service’s notifications (via email or SMS), really does make the process a realtime one.

So what does Proposable cost? There are three options. For $19.99 a month, you get the ability to deliver up to 15 proposals and 1 GB on online storage. For $29.99 a month you get an unlimited number of proposals and 4 GB of storage. Or, if you want to use this with a larger team, the biggest plan is $79.99 a month, and you get 10 GB of storage and the ability to add 3 users (with additional ones being $15 a month extra). Each plan also comes with a free 30 day trial.

There are no shortage of sales proposals sites out there, such as the aptly named Salesproposals.com, but Proposable’s overall look and feel is far superior. The startup is the latest to launch out of Sproutbox, the Indiana-based incubator.