Android update after next likely to be codenamed "Gingerbread"

As any good Android-obsessed geek should know by now, Google’s made a tradition out of alphabetically naming their firmware builds after sweets. Android 1.5 was “Cupcake”, v1.6 was “Donut”, v2.0 is “Eclair”, while the next release will be lovingly dubbed “Froyo”. “But what comes after that?!” you say from the edge of your seat.

According to Android kernel developer Brian Swetland, the next major build after “Froyo” will be known as “Gingerbread”. If nothing else, the good thing about that name: no matter what it contains, it’ll be a sweeter treat than the crap I was forced to decorate and eat as a child.

(Like the image? While I wish I could claim that little Android dude is just killer rendering on my part, I just ‘shopped in one of the soon-to-be-released Android toys.)

[Via AndroidAndMe]