Google dials down early termination fee for the Nexus One

No one likes early termination fees, but for one reason or another they can sometimes become a necessary evil. When Google introduced a new channel for buying the Nexus One, I was excited at the thought of grabbing a phone without being hassled by a retail sales rep. The only downside was that if I bought it at the subsidized price and wanted to cancel within 120 days, Google would charge a $350 device recovery fee… on top of the carrier’s cancelation fees!

Luckily, Google has decided to drop that price down to $150. Not bad, but it’s still not appealing when added to T-Mobile’s $200 early termination fee. Owning a Nexus One could get expensive if you decide to cancel your contract! At the very least, if you cancel and it’s all said and done, you’ll end up paying exactly what you would have if you purchased the device unlocked and contract free.

[via Nexus One Terms of Sale]