Xperia X10 to launch in April on Vodafone UK (Update: And others!)

If you’d captured all the drool we’ve drooled over the X10 since it first got detailed so many months ago, you’d have a pool deep enough to swim in. A very nasty pool that you shouldn’t actually swim in, but a pool nonetheless.

Today, UK wireless carrier Vodafone has announced that they’ll soon be carrying the Sony Ericsson’s first Android phone on their shelves. Whats more, they were nice enough to narrow the known launch window down from the previously set 3-month span of “Second quarter” down to just 1 month.

Though no pricing details have been made available yet, we can expect the X10 to make its UK debut come April. It’s quite possible that it’ll be available on other UK carriers, as well; Vodafone almost always toots their own horn when they get an exclusive, and they’ve made no mention of such things so far. Update: Yep! T-Mobile UK has now confirmed that they’re also launching the X10, and it’s essentially confirmed for O2 thanks to a slip-up in mid-January.