Vinyl Android figurines are the coolest things since sliced ice

Okay, look. I wasn’t going to post about these, because every bit of attention these things get will make it that much harder for me to acquire them before they sell out. But then this little nagging voice in my head (which sounds like a freakish cross between CrunchGear editor John Biggs and my mother) started saying “But, Greg! It’s your job! You have to post awesome things that people will be interested in!”

Damn you, responsibilities. Damn you to hell.

Artist Andrew Bell and his company Dyzplastic have teamed up with the folks at the Googleplex to create a limited run series of 12 differently themed figurines, all shaped like everyone’s favorite little Android. Like those damned evil mystery-bag toys we all threw our cash at in the early 90s, these things will be “blind-boxed” – you won’t know which one you’ve got until you’ve opened it.

Unless, of course, you buy a whole box of 16, pretty much ensuring that you get one of each. But that would just be sad, right? No one would do that, right? Certainly not yours truly. Certainly not*.

Before you whip out your credit card: they’re not on sale quite yet. The announcement post says they’re coming “later this month”, while an image on the company’s homepage seems to imply that they’ll hit the shelves on February 10th.

* This is a lie.

[Via SlipperyBrick]