Meet Marc Flores, the new MobileCrunch writer

I begged and pleaded with Greg, editor of MobileCrunch, not to make me write this, but it looks like I’m stuck introducing myself to you all. So in my best Troy McClure voice let me say: Hi, my name is Marc Flores. You might remember me from such popular sites as Boy Genius Report or True/Slant.

I’m really passionate about technology and I’m a tinkerer, which means there are lots of broken gadgets and gadget parts scattered around my place. When I’m not writing about shiny objects, I’m usually trolling the streets of L.A. looking for good food or great beer.

If you want to shoot me a message, feel free to do so at marc at crunchgear dot com. And if you’re interested in what I snack on throughout the day or the other minutiae of my life, follow me on Twitter @mdflores.