E-cuisine site Resto'in wins €2 million to expand

France’s Resto’in just scored €2 million investment from NextStage Capital to develop their online platform for high-quality food delivery.

Founded in 2006, the young founders, Clément Benoît and Pilar Granell, claim to have stumbled upon the idea for the company after a visit to Boston, where they noticed Americans ordering food online. Rather than offering fast-food, however, the dealt with outlets offering restaurant-quality food and a wide variety of international foods.

The platform itself centralizes all menus, orders and payments. In addition, Resto’in also takes care of picking-up and dropping-off orders within 45 minutes of the initial purchase. The company currently works with a network of over 150 restaurants in Paris and Lyon.

With over €5 million in revenue in 2009, Resto-in is preparing to expand internationally – namely in Belgium, where they acquired their local competitor, Resto Presto.

They are also planning to take on the French leader in online food delivery, Alloresto, which has been around since 1998.