Samsung to show a bada phone at Mobile World Congress?

Fun Fact: if you were to run a Google Image Search for “bada” at the time I published this post, you wouldn’t find a single image relevant to Samsung’s up and coming bada operating system until the third page, otherwise known as “that page that no one goes to because they gave up hope of finding the image they wanted after page 2.”

Maybe that’ll change once Samsung shows off a smartphone running the operating system – which, if this statement from ol’ Sammie themselves is any indication, might be as soon as two weeks from now.

In a post on the bada blog from earlier today, Samsung (very briefly) sheds some light on some of the User Experience features of the OS. What we care about, however, is the like that wraps it all up:

The distinctive UX features of bada let the developers to deliver the user convenience which could be experienced in applications showcased with the new bada smartphone at MWC this month.

Unless we’re dealing with a bit of mistranslation here (which, of course, is entirely possible) it sounds like Samsung just disclosed that they’ll be showing the world’s first bada-powered phone at Mobile World Congress — which, for the uninitiated, goes down in just 2 weeks time. We’ll be in Barcelona bringing back all the news from Mobile World Congress as it happens – so if bada makes an appearance, expect to see it here.