Listen to FM radio on your CLIQ

The Motorola CLIQ is a nice phone. That’s point one. Point two is that it can actually play radio. Using a non-standard ROM, a user named Eugene found an FM radio binary and tried to run it on the CLIQ. After a little futzing, he was able to fire up the radio and listen to it right on the CLIQ. Who knew?

Rest assured it’s not available to the public right now. Watch AndroidGuys for further instruction.

While trying to fix the radio issue with Moto Blur on the LG ROM he has running on the CLIQ, Eugene stumbled across a lib file that was missing in the normal Blur ROM. He also noticed FMRadio was present in the bin file. After some deep contemplation (not really), Eugene loaded the bin and lib FMRadio files and an apk he found floating around–one intended for this purpose–and voila, FM Radio started working! So by bringing in the files from the LG ROM that the CLIQ hardware needed, he was able to bring life to a dormant feature.