HTC Bravo caught on camera (again), HTC Legend caught in words

Man, these HTC Bravos are floating around everywhere. A semi-decent shot of this oh-so-Nexus-One-esque Android handset leaked just yesterday, and today another (markedly better) shot has found its way to the interwebs.

Not only that, but it brought a friend!

According to the whisper train, HTC was showing off the Bravo at a gathering of some sort in Poland. Some time during the meeting, a second unannounced handset was pulled out; no shots of the second handset have made their way out yet, but a few details have.

Dubbed the HTC Legend, it’s purportedly a bit smaller than the Hero, comes encased in a full aluminum body, and packs an AMOLED screen and a 5 megapixel camera. It’s by no means official yet, but word from Poland indicates that the Legend is all set to replace the Hero in various regions when it launches in March.

[Source: via Android Community]