Leaked: HTC Bravo looks like a Nexus One with more Sense

htc bravo

Considering that the much heralded Nexus One is being sold as a pure Android experience by Google themselves, it wasn’t at all surprising to see that it didn’t sport HTC’s oh-so-awesome Android interface overhaul, Sense.

Surprising? No. Disappointing? A bit. The 2.1 build of Android that the Nexus One runs is pretty dang solid – but in the end, we’re still longing for Sense. Looks like we might be in luck.

The guys over at Omio managed to dig up this spy shot of the HTC Bravo, an Android-powered piece of kit they claim is headed for T-Mobile (in the UK, at least). It’s packing the same 3.7″ display as the Nexus One, the same 5 megapixel camera, and a strikingly similar body. The only physical difference, as far as we can tell from this shot, is that it’s toting an optical trackpad instead of a trackball. And check out what’s running on the screen – sure looks like Sense to us!

Alas, there are still things that can’t be told by a single picture alone; will T-Mobile US pick it up? Will it pack the same blindingly fast Snapdragon processor as the Nexus One? Hit is up on our tips line if you know anything – in the mean time, we’ll keep an eye out for updates.