RIM's official Twitter for Blackberry client spotted?


There’s no shortage of Twitter clients for BlackBerry. Lets see; there’s Seesmic, SocialScope, UberTwitter, TweetGenius.. hell, there’s not even a shortage of good Twitter clients for BlackBerry.

That hasn’t stopped RIM from building one of their own, though. It’s not available yet – nor is it even officially official – but the above shot of it leaked out today on Mexican blogger Javier Matuk‘s Twitter feed. According to Javier, the client was floating around at a recent BlackBerry launch event south of the border, where the shot was snapped.

If we believe the whisperings of the rumor mill, RIM’s client ought to support just about everything we’d expect of a native Twitter client when it (purportedly) launches in February, from basics like following/unfollowing to the notable perks like battery-friendly push alerts. What say you, BlackBerry-toting Twitterers? What would make you jump to a RIM-endorsed Twitter client?

(Oh, and how bummed must the developers of other BlackBerry Twitter clients feel right about now? You know RIM’s probably going to preload this onto new devices once it’s ready — and, for that matter, push it to some of the old ones)

[BlackBerryRocks via IntoMobile]