Driin Ventures wants to 'wake up' your startup if you are in Greece or South Eastern Europe

driin-holdings[Greece] After the creation of OpenFund in mid 2009, Greece is ready to welcome another new investment Fund that aims to help promising tech companies to go to the next level.

Driin Ventures, which officially started its operations last week, wants to ‘wake up’ technology startups from Greece and South Eastern Europe through its investments in order to help them develop their products and ideas.

Driin is created by George Saliaris-Fasseas, one of the most prominent members of the Greek tech scene. Prior to founding Driin, George was the first Country Manager of Google in Greece and before that he served as Managing Director of OgilvyOne Wordwide Athens, the country’s most rewarded interactive marketing agency.

At this time, Driin is backed with €500.000. However, during a recent interview [link in Greek], Saliaris-Fasseas told me that he is currently in talks with other investors who are willing to further support Driin by providing additional capital.

Driin has already invested in four companies from Greece, including Zoo.gr, which is the biggest local social network in the country with more that 1 million users per month, and ThinkDigital, which runs one of the widest advertising networks in Southeast Europe.

As described on its website, Driin is looking for startups that have solutions to the issues that disrupt their customers’ sleep at night, that can bring a business model in South Eastern Europe that has been profitable somewhere else, and that are flexible enough to keep pace with a fast changing market.

If you think you fit the description you can send them your idea and who knows, maybe Driin will wake up your business too.