Need to boost your iPhones volume? Grab a cup.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of D.I.Y articles on the internet, some more useful than others. I read maybe a dozen or so a day, solely for the sake of expanding my knowledge bank of obscure solutions. Every once in a while, one sprouts up that is just so damned simple, so face-palmingly obvious, that it makes me feel downright stupid for not thinking of it.

This is one of those.

The trick is simple. Armed with nothing but a pint glass, you can make the sound coming out of your iPhone (any smartphone should work, really – the iPhone works especially well because the speaker is on the bottom) about twice as loud. Does it sound beautiful? No. Is it a replacement for even the cheapest of speakers out there? Nope! But if you ever find yourself in a bind — like needing to blast a conference call just a wee bit louder — this little trick just might get you out of it. Check out the video below for an example.