webOS bumped up to, but only in Europe


Just as all of us yanks were riding high on our brand new upgrade to webOS , Palm goes and gives all our Pre-toting brethren over in Europe webOS Considering that it’s a trivial enough upgrade that it only bumps the overall numbering up an earth-shattering zero-point-zero-point-zero-point-one, we’re not all that jealous – but we’ll admit that we might be a little bit jealous.

So what’s new? They’ve made minor improvements all around, primarily focusing on bug fixes. The calendar has been sped up, the App Catalog now supports the simultaneous download of multiple applications, fonts have been tweaked, and they’ve added “better handling of prepaid SIM cards.” As a bit of a treat for folks who find themselves outside of WiFi/3G range often, they’ve also tucked in the option to manually update to new versions over EDGE.

[Via PreCentral via EngadgetMobile]