Ovi Store comes to AT&T, brings carrier billing with it


If you’re an AT&T customer and you have a Nokia phone, you probably already know that the app scene is pretty barren. AT&T’s Media Mall offers a few pages of arguably useful apps, but support for programs like AT&T’s App Beta developer initiative is limited to a single Nokia handset.

Fortunately, Nokia has just opened up their catch-all Ovi Store to all AT&T customers with one of their phones. The list of phones supported stretches back a few years – the oldest supported device is the 6555, a barebones S40 flip from over two years ago. According to their press release, customers looking to get set up need only follow a few steps:

  • Step one: go to store.ovi.com from your Nokia device from AT&T
  • Step two: once at store.ovi.com you will be prompted to download the Ovi Store application
  • Step three: enjoy great content and applications for your Nokia device with AT&T.

Apart from breathing new life into some otherwise basic phones, the biggest deal about Ovi’s AT&T debut is its support for carrier billing, which makes impulse buying apps and themes easier than ever. Instead of having to whip out a credit card for purchases, charges show up directly on the bill, which in a sense is a win-win situation: customers get instant gratification and the companies involved pick up some extra, if sometimes unintended revenue.