LG and Sprint launching something at CES – but what?


Call us crazy, but we don’t think you’d host a “Mobile Launch Party” at CES unless you were planning.. you know, a mobile launch of some sort – and when it comes to mobile launches, companies generally don’t co-host parties unless they’re launching a phone together.

So when we get a heads up letting us know that Sprint and LG will be throwing a party at CES, it’s a pretty clear sign that somethings up. While we can’t be 100% sure what they’re launching, we can make some pretty well educated guesses.

What it might be, but probably isn’t: LG and Sprint are pitching the party under the tagline of “Celebrate Style”. When it comes to LG phones, it doesn’t get much more stylish than their Prada line. Fortunately for us, they’ve already confirmed a Prada III is in the works. Celebrities, lavish parties, style – it all just fits together too well.

Alas, the fact that Sprint is involved makes it significantly less likely. If Sprint were to carry the Prada phone, it’d be the first time any of the Prada line appeared in CDMA form — not to mention it’d be the first time a Prada phone appeared on a US carrier, period.

What it might be, and probably is: The LG Lotus 2. We scooped all the details on the LG Lotus 2 back in October. Launching in January? Check. Heading for Sprint? Yep. Whether or not you think the original Lotus was all that stylish, Sprint certainly does; right out of the first line of the original press release:

Fans of the fashion runways will appreciate the couture style of LG Lotus, exclusive to Sprint.

So there you have it, folks. Until further evidence arises, consider our bets hedged on Sprint/LG launching the Lotus 2 at CES.