TomTom wises up, releases $49.99 USA-only GPS app

Most agree that the original TomTom iPhone app is a tad overpriced at $99 for just the app. That doesn’t include the $119 windshield mount. Esspecially now that Google has made its mark on the GPS market with the free Google Maps Navigation app. And so that brings us to the latest TomTom GPS app. This one is US-only, but only costs $50.

Actually it’s somewhat of a smart marketing move by TomTom. The company probably didn’t plan this from the start, but at least now there is some justification thanks to the international maps as to why the $99 app costs so much. It’s like the company is stating buy the cheap app if you don’t plan on leaving the States.

Even at half the price of the original app, $50 probably still carries a hefty profit margin and now more folks *might* be more likely to spring for the expensive mount. Although those people should still be reminded that standalone options can be had for less and come with a larger screen. Just saying. [App Store via Mac Rumors]