Can't Decide Which Smartphone To Get? Measy Can Help.

With new smartphones hitting the shelves what seems like each and every week, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which one’s right for you. Sure, you, dear Tech blog reader, probably know exactly what you want 6 months before it even comes out – but for the vast majority of the population, it’s a big confusing world jam-packed with crazy acronyms and shockingly greasy sales representatives.

We’ve written about Measy, the process-of-elimination gadget finding engine, a few times in the past. When it went live back in October, we mentioned that Measy’s next goal was to add support for smartphones. About an hour ago, they did just that.

They’ve got the process pretty fine-tuned at this point; you start with the big-picture questions (Budget? Carrier? Brand?), and then dive right into the details (Multimedia? Camera? Enterprise features?). They don’t get too specific – they don’t, for example, ask if you need remote wipe, or any other ultra-specific feature. While the technically-obsessed may see this as a bit of a fault, remember that Measy is built for those who have a tough time picking their own device – chances are, its primary audience wouldn’t have the damnedest idea which boxes to check.

Alas, it’s not perfect quite yet. It just launched today, so their database of smartphones seems to be rather small. I said that I wanted a Nokia smartphone, for example, and it recommended the iPhone. In fact, most recommendations tend to point to the iPhone 3GS or the Motorola Droid – which, fortunately, is a pretty solid representation of what most living, breathing recommendation engines (that is, the family geek) would suggest for the time being.